MLM Coach Curt Shares 17 Tips on Selling You – Part 2

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This is Curt Johnson welcome back to part 2 of Selling YOU, your U.S.P.
Today we’re going to talk about 17 practical tips in that regard and as we move forward though we want to remember our foundations.

One of the foundations of the Renegade Phenomena is the ebook and system the Renegade network marketer, “The wealthiest and most prosperous people in any field all have one thing in common: They know how to sell: Themselves… their products… their services… their ideas.” That is part of the foundation of being a Renegade is learning to sell yourself.
In that the people that we draw or attract to ourselves are asking questions about us.
Do I trust you?
Do I believe you?
Do you understand what I need/want?
What do you want?
What is in it for me?
Is it worth it?
For our example for today we’re going to assume what we’re wanting is contact information. Name, email, address at a minimum, maybe phone number so on and so forth.
What the prospects are asking is . . . “What’s in for me?”
Well, the valuable information that we’re offering them on our website and maybe newsletters and ebooks etc.
What they’re asking themselves is it worth it?
Do I want to risk giving you my email address in exchange for the information for further information that you’re offering. They’ll do that except they know us.
Reason # 1 that they won’t buy from you is they don’t know about you. So, let’s go on that quest then to help those that we’re attracting to ourselves know about us.
One technical thing before we go into that if you’re wondering why I just faded out DiDi is they’ve done studies, experts following eye movement and how the masses and millions that are on the web everyday look at it. They start in the upper left hand corner of a website, that’s primary real estate then the eyes will go over towards the right and the yellow here that you see and eventually go down and to the left a little bit and look at the rest of the site.
So when we talk about these practical tips today that’s just good information to know as you’re laying out your website. How someone looks at it is important. So the upper left is most important, then the eyes go to the right, that’s called also really good real estate on your webiste or your blog or other things that you’re writing and then the rest of the website goes like that. So, as we look at these 17 practical tips, things that you can do to sell yourself, things that you can do to make yourself authentic and real and build trust and credibility with your potential clients customers.
We’re going to look at six ladies, they’re also renegades, some of them very familiar to you..Wendy and Lisa, Alisha, Cammy, DiDi, and Barbara. We’re going to look at their websites as we go through some of these examples of some of things you can do.
I want to say right up front that you’ll notice not all of them do all of these seventeen tips . What you need to determine, that’s why we spent time on your niche market on the last lesson and what applies to your USP are some of the things we’ll apply to your target market and some won’t. Some of them you might be technically ready to implement in your marketing, others you have to do that learning curve videos, audios, whatever.
Don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ll look at all these examples, you don’t have to do them all or do them all right away, but these are things do work and are helpful so that your people that are coming to your website or blogs or material that will help you say hey I’m a real person and gain trust and credibility in their eyes.
Let’s us go ahead and jump right into this with tip # 1.
It’s # 1 for a good reason and that is put your own personal picture in the upper left hand corner. It communicates that hey I am a real person, here I am, and that is so important. You’ll see over all in all these examples that is just a very common theme.
Tip # 2 is have your name, maybe a quote, a story, something underneath your picture that is also engaging and to let them know that this is a real person and not like a service or something like that. Then the eyes will scan over to the right and head back towards the middle of the page.
Tip # 3 is you want to communicate to your audience that you’re not flying alone. Particularly with internet marketing its important that they don’t think you’re a lone ranger. As you communicate you’re a part of a group, even if it’s just part of the renegade phenomena, if you’re communicating I’m engaged with other people on this journey it will build trust, particularly with your clientele.
Tip # 4 is testimonies. We’re not going to get into that right now or today because the next lesson, lesson # 3 is going to go very thoroughly and deeply into testimonies. We’re just going to move on for now.
Tip # 5 and again we’re going to look at different ones on this list and see what they’ve done and make some applications. This is Cammy’s sight. Cammy uses family pictures which is another tip that you might consider for your blog or website. Her niche market I would assume, I don’t know If I’ve been to a Rodeo I don’t know much about the culture there, but its probably family oriented, her kids with their cowboy hats and riding horses. She obviously knows this market. It speaks their language and understands them and communicate with them. Pictures do speak loudly!
We are going to move on to tip # 6 and # 7 with Wendy. She’s also has done a great job of marketing herself to her niche market. One of the things that she’s done, there’s her picture obviously with some titles and stuff, she uses industry photos. This is a picture of her with Pilsar. In your industry, whether it’s network marketing , success industry, she may be with a famous homeschooler, which is her niche market in this example, that thing can build credibility and trust. It communicates I’m engages, I know people and they know me, I’m committed to this process and I’m not going anywhere. She then lists her awards in the industry, which is also something that you might want to do, maybe it’s with network marketing or some home school awards or her kids won home school awards..again it communicates that hey this is a real deal for me.
We are going to move on to one of the next ladies, not doing them in any order here, but as we get through the seventeen practical tips, audio files are also great to use. We’re going to see here that Barbara uses audio files both for her own personal projection and in her testimonies when we get to that next week. Voice can communicate so much. We’re discerning people and by that communicating in voice added with a picture, it just makes that much more powerful for people to be able to then relate to you.
We’re going go to a couple of Alicia’s sights. With the first one she uses a video right up front. I want to explain that besides the fact that it’s selling Alicia and gaining trust and credibility with her target market there is also kind of a tip here that search engines love when the first thing they see when they get your website and see people stay there a little bit is videos.
When you click on the video, Google will count the number of seconds someone is on this and people that will listen to this video, it’s only a couple minutes or so, really helps also in the search engine rankings. Another one of Alicia’s sights that she’s actually built with Lisa, as you then enter the page and scroll down, you’re going to see that they have put their signature and obviously in a lot of the Renegade circle you’re going to see that Anne and I do the same thing.
The reason that’s important is again it conveys authenticity. It says hey I’m a real person and it also says hey I am willing to not only put my on a dotted line but I’m committed and accountable and gaining trust and reliability with your target market. To do that you basically scan your signature, make it a pic file with your computer and use it like any other picture, if you’re wondering how that’s done it’s no that difficult. Look for some picture training within Renegade Professional and you’ll be able to get that handled.
Speaking of the sight that Alicia and Lisa did together I also want to look at something on Lisa’s sight here for her acupuncturists. She has a slide show. I love mountains, and again this is communicating I’m real, this is where I live, this is part of my life, dogs and kitties that’s all good marketing. Anybody will tell you that. As the slides go through maybe it gets a little professional and communicates hey this is who I am and then as you scroll down, another tip is she lists her certifications, credentials, degrees and that type of thing. Again, depending upon your target or niche market, that can be a very powerful thing to add credibility in you being able to speak into that market and gain an influence there and gain a following.
Now we’ve had these six great ladies and I’ve used tips that shows them as examples and I just thought it was only fair that we had at least one male representation in this lesson. We’re going to go to a familiar mug of us Renegades and we appreciate his input into the Rendage Phenomena so much and that is Steve.
You’ll see right in the upper left hand corner, prime real estate, is his smiling face, along with a about me page. I didn’t want to miss the obvious so the next tip is have a about me page. Some people really want to dig deep. I’ve been amazed at some people that I talk to on the phone how much they know about me because they dug deep into my information and know where I live and how many kids I have. Some people that’s extra important to you want to provide that for people that want to dig deeper.
Those are the first thirteen tips and I know we went really fast, this lesson isn’t designed to show you technically how to implement all of those tips, but to give you the ideas and show you what those whom are successful are doing so that you can copy some of these tips, do some of them. You don’t have to do all of them as you’re moving forward.
Remember the foundation of our book. We need to learn how to sell ourselves. If someone goes to your sight and can’t figure out who is behind it, whose doing this, even if your content is great, the trust factor has not been built up sufficiently and your conversion to visitors to those that will fill out a form and give you contact information will be much lower.
That’s just an important thing to know and understand. In fact as we review these tips, tip # 1,that picture in the left hand corner, Ann has actually done some scientific studies in that regard and she found a 15.9% increase when she included her picture on a website versus when it wasn’t there.
Before we hit the last four tips let’s do a quick review.
Have a picture in the upper left hand corner.
Under your picture have a name, quote, story, something.
Somehow early in your sight communicate hey I’m not just some loan ranger out here but that you’re part of a community. These gals did that with this book and you can do that in a number of ways in utilizing your socialization with Renegade. Use testimonies, we’ll cover that next session. We showed you some examples of using family pictures, showed you some examples of using industry pictures, which are also powerful, or awards. We showed you some examples of using audio files, videos and the perks there, using your signature, and slide shows and certifications and about me page can all be powerful elements, you don’t have to do them all, to sell you and your YOU S.P.
Tip # 14 is domain names. Again Anne has done some studies with a renegade network marketer there. Your domain name can communicate also credibility and if you don’t come up with a good domain name that fits your niche market, your name depending upon spelling and length and all that is also a good option. Anne found that her name out performed a network sounding domain name.
Tip #15 is your email address is another component t convey professionalism to your target market.
Tip # 16 is you’ll find that telling a story, tell your story, tell stories, let people know who you are. The more unique you are the more valuable you are to everyone. We’ll probably do another lesson simply about telling stories down the road. I skipped guarantees, I’m not going to go into that because this example was more collecting contact information from potential prospects. You might want to provide a guarantee though if you’re actually selling or asking for money and that kind of thing on a sight. That’s another thing you can do.
Practical tip # 17 is convey trust and credibility as your marketing yourself.
There you go, 17 very quick tips. If I were in your shoes and you’re just getting started make sure you include the # 1 and # 2 for sure and then work on including some of these other elements as you able to go forward. We’ll cover tip # 4, testimonies, more thoroughly in the next lesson and we’ll see you there momentarily!

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