MLM Coach Curt Quotes Ann Sieg – #7

MLM Coach Curt Johnson in Cotabato Philippines enjoying the people and giving thought and reflection to Ann Sieg’s take on business.

This quotes from Ann Sieg strikes home with an important thought on adversity…

Cotabato Philippines – Quote from Ann Sieg – #7 from Curtis Johnson on Vimeo.

Ann Sieg and MLM Coach Curt Johnson began working together in 2004. Ann Sieg had a good start in mlm selling her nutritional product, but like most mlmers she ran out of leads.

She went online lookoing for help and found MLM Coach Curt Johnson. Seeing great potential, Coach Curt brought Ann Sieg into his elite master mind group. After working closely with Ann Sieg for 3 years, Coach Curt went overseas on the power of residual income and did some of his dream work in Fiji, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Heading back to the USA in 2010, Ann Sieg hired Coach Curt as her Director of Coaching for 8020 Marketing Inc..

Ann Sieg, along with Coach Curt Johnson, her 8020 staff, and accomplished leaders and trainers like Marsha Godwin, she continues to impact the lives of ten of thousands of marketers.

Ann Sieg Quotes by MLM Coach Curt Johnson

Ann Sieg is the author of some of the most widely read books in the world on how to get new customers and prospects coming to you. Ann is considered one of the pioneers of attraction marketing.

Like most people, she spent many frustrating years recruiting friends and family, attending meetings, and calling opportunity leads. After going into debt and watching her husband lose his income, she knew she had to try something different.

Using unconventional, yet powerful online methods, Ann Sieg discovered how to attract prospects to her and was able to become the #1 international producer in her company in just 6 short months. Her business grew to $90,000 a month and she went on to earn her first million within 2 years.

Since then, Ann Sieg has been able to impact the lives of 10’s of thousands of people, from CEOs to beginning entrepreneurs, through her groundbreaking coaching and training programs. Her reports have been read by over 350,000 people worldwide and she has helped many people achieve 6 and even 7 figure incomes – many of them through her free training alone, which can be downloaded at Ann Sieg’s Renegade Blog.

An internationally sought after speaker and author, Ann has been featured on numerous radio programs, media outlets, books and other publications. Her true passion is in educating and teaching others and she has developed a unique ability for helping beginners overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Her training has created an un-paralleled number of internet success stories and has helped thousands of people generate their first customers online.

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