MLM Coach Curt discusses the Vaccination Effect

MLM Coach Curt discusses the Vaccination Effect. When you go online to propagate your business, it is imperative that you have a change of strategy to find success.

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If you prefer to read than watch a video, here is the transcript:

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Hey this is MLM Coach Curt. Welcome. This is a young lady in a nurse’s office being vaccinated. Vaccination is when you get a little bit of something so that your body – it’s a weakened condition of a virus or a bacteria or something – and your body builds up resistance against that. Sorry if that’s not medically completely accurate but that’s how it works. Your body builds up these defenses.

What’s happened in our society with the traditional approaches to network marketing is similar to vaccination. When you present your product or your service along with “Oh, by the way you can make money doing this,” our society has been vaccinated against this kind of approach.

Even if you’ve got a great product, even if you’ve got a great opportunity for people to make money, when you present both at the same time, your product and service and an opportunity, and it goes something like this, “Oh here’s a great juicer, here’s a great phone service and by the way you can make some money with me,” people have been hit on so many times by Uncle Joe and Neighbor Frank and Aunt Sue that they simply have been burned or people have done it unprofessionally.

People have done it in ways that turn them off so they’ve been vaccinated. They’re not going to listen to what you have to say even if you think they would have. That’s part of the reason that the traditional approaches don’t work in network marketing. Well at all you have to have skin as thick as a rhinoceros to get through that gauntlet.  (For more wisdom grab MLM Coach Curt\’s ebook – Free.)

Some people have come, “Okay, I haven’t had any opportunity to do this offline. I’m running out of family and friends. People are running away from me. I’ll go on. There’s lots more people there” and that’s true. There are lots more people online. You can expose your business to, or your products and services to millions of people but that’s just the point. You also have to have a change of strategy in this day and age.

Present your product and then out of that pool of satisfied customers you might find someone that wants to do business with you. To mix the two is unnatural.

When I go get a haircut, my barber doesn’t say, “Well Curt, you want to be a barber.” When I go get my car fixed, my mechanic say, “Curt, you want to become a mechanic.” Because it’s just not natural. And so don’t mix the two whether you’re offline or whether you’re offline.

MLM Coach

When you start attracting leads because you’re helping people with your products, your service, or you start attracting leads online because people truly are looking for an opportunity to make some money with you and do it properly, decently and in order, you’ll find that those leads that you get are wonderful and can lead to great income. Hope this helps.

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