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MLM Blog TrainingMLM Blog Training with Marsha is and educational and training blog launched by Marsha Godwin to assist other Network Marketers in moving their MLM online.   MLM Blog Training provides tools, resources and training to assist you in creating a successful Online MLM Business.

MLM Blog Training covers a variety of topics offering a Network Marketer their Blog BluePrint to move their MLM business online.  The Blueprint will outline steps to being online to include but are not limited to:

  • Know Why You Are Creating Your MLM Blog
  • Use Your Unique Selling Proposition To Attract Others To You
  • Conduct Market Research And Understand Your Target Market
  • Narrowly Defined Your Niche
  • You Are The Brand…Don’t Forget That
  • Your Blog Is About You….Not Your MLM
  • Time To Install And Set Up Your Blog
  • Learn The Basics of Blogging
  • Add Content To Your Blog
  • Create A Compelling Offer To Build Your List
  • Add Social Media

 MLM Blog Training MLM Blog Training

MLM Blog Training

Our goals is to assist you in shortening your learning curve as you can build your business online.  MLM Blog Training Recommends:

In addition, we offer Online With WordPress which is a 38 page step by step guide that will assist you in WordPress installation and set up.  Online With WordPress

  MLM Blog Training

Marsha has been fortunate to have had a successful career in the corporate world were she developed a strong sales and marketing background.  But, she continued to fail offline in her attempts with network marketing.  Others were succeeding but she was not.  It took awhile for her to figure out chasing people instead of attracting them was the wrong approach.   She started using the techniques of  ‘Attraction Marketing’ and the ‘Consultative Selling’ along with creating her online presence with WordPress.  She learned to build her blog around her and the needs of her target market.  She is now creating her own success stories as she builds her online presence and grows her MLM.

She has been where so many others have been or might still be.  She decided to take what she had learned and is still learning and share it with others.    New content will be added on a regular bases so make sure to visit MLM Blog often.


Marsha Godwin


Marsha Godwin
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  1. Hey Marsha,

    I luckily read Mike Dillard’s attraction marketing e-book before I got into network marketing.
    Without it I would be nowhere today. I’m pretty sure Ann teaches similar principles; since all the leaders stress the importance of self branding.

    thanks for the share!


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