MLM Blog Training #10

MLM Blog Training #10MLM Blog Training #10 in the Top 50 MLM Blogs 2012 Contest.

The winners of the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest were announced Friday, December 23, 2012 on a live webinar hosted by George Fourie.    The 2012 Contest had 92 contestants.   Between the 92 contestants they generated 4465 votes.

It was nail biting suspense as George read off the winners.  He started with #50.  I so wanted to be in the Top 10 so when he named MLM Blog Training #10 I was thrilled!

MLM Blog Training #10 In 2012 Contest

The 2012 Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest  by, George Fourie and My Lead System Pro was a smashing success.  This was the 4th consecutive year for the contest.   Prizes were offered by Natasha Nassar Hazlett, Ray Higdon, Frank J. Marino, Mark Harbert, Roxana Hannah and George Fourie.  The prizes totaled over $7000.00.

MLM Blog Training #10 Comments

This was the first time has entered the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest.  This was such a great experience on so many levels.  The competition was fierce.  But, I got great exposure and made connections with a lot of other talented bloggers.  And, I got so many really positive comments for so many people who I want to sincerely thank for their support and vote!  Click here to read the comments:  MLM Blog Training #10


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