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If you are looking for an MLM Blog with good content, honest solutions, and cutting edge marketing information and training, then welcome.

If you are looking for anything less than developing the skills and implementing the strategies of a professional that deserves an executive level income, than you have come to the wrong mlm blog.


MLM Blog

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MLM Blog posts on MLM Help (with great video from New Zealand.)


MLM Blog posts from my MLM Blog \”Buddies\”

It wasn’t that long ago you could get along without an MLM Blog if you were a network marketer.  No More.  There are several reasons why creating your own presence online with an mlm blog is essential for success – here are just a few:

#1.  Society has changed DRAMATICALLY.  We access and process information differently – in everything we do, including buying decisions.  People (prospects) won’t go to a lunch or hotel meeting and sign up for your mlm.  We as a culture process information very differently than we did 10 – 15 years ago.  We go online.  We Google.  etc.  Warm market prospecting can still be done – but NOT with old school methods.

#2.  The Internet has changed DRASTICALLY.  The technology is so advanced in the last couple of years they have renedered your MLM Companies replicated webistes virtually useless by themselves.  Google, Facebook, etc will not tolerate content that isn’t original.  There are short cuts, but to think you can be on Facebook or LinkedIn and have your company issues site only and do online marketing, this is a wake up call – you need an mlm blog.

#3.  The MLM Industry has changed SIGNIFICANTLY.  When I built my first MLM organization into the thousands, technology was just beginning to impact commerce.  There were many fewer MLM companies to choose from, and Society hadn’t been saturated with old school “3 foot rules” and everyone “vaccinated” against the traditional recruiting methodologies taught in the industry.   The MLM industry still has some of the best companies and products in the world, but how they teach reps to deliver them ranks at the very bottom of effective professional marketing.  An mlm blog of your own is the home base and bridge to your mlm success.

MLM Blog Posts & Buddies.

This mlm blog thread of posts is designed to introduce you to some of my mlm blog buddies so you can see how having an mlm blog is a great step forward to being a truly independent professional network marketer.

Be sure to grab my free ebook from this mlm blog site before you go!  MLM Mastery eBook by Coach Curt.  If you are ready to learn how to build your own mlm blog – click here.




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