Network Marketing, Family, and Missions

It was, in part, because of the power of residual income through network marketing that the Johnson’s (Curt, Kay, and Hanna) were able to live overseas and do missionary work in Fiji, New Zealand, and the Philippines from 2005 – 2010.  Were are back in the USA now for a season, but plan on getting back to more direct missions work in then next 2 – 3 years.  We are preparing now, again in part, by building up residual income again through network marketing.  This will be a part of the source that will allow the time and financial freedom to build God’s Kingdom overseas.

I’ve followed Rick Joyner’s work for 25 years.  His recent writings this week prompted me to update my Christian friends on the network marketing component of my journey with the Lord.  He gives an accurate and powerful endorsement of the industry I’ve worked in for many years now.  You can read his articles here.  Invest in People By Loving Them – The Path of Life, Part 7 and Community: The Common-Unity – The Path of Life, Part 8.

Network marketing has not only helped fuel our participation is missions, but in itself has allowed me to create hundreds of relationships around the world in the sphere of business.  I know this is one part of my calling to be in the market place in this way internationally in these last days.

I’m sending this blog post out to you and some of my brothers and sisters in the Lord simply to ask them to pray if you would feel led to join me in a new company and organization.  One of my closest friends from our work in Fiji, an incredible man of God and faith I had the privilege of working with in Fiji as we saw thousands encounter Jesus.  He has already joined me and experienced good success.  After reading Rick Joyner’s article, I wanted to reach out to others that may have a desire to build residual income for the Kingdom work yet ahead of us.

In addition to my Fijian brother, I’ve also been blessed by my son and 2 of my daughters joining me in the business.  Please continue to read the post below that I’ve sent to others, but wanted you to read this introduction first . . .

You surely know people like my 26 year old son Heath. He has seen his dad in the network marketing industry for years, but just never wanted to join him because the thought of talking to people or recruiting was a real turn off. Same with my 4 daughters and wife. When I built my first organization into the thousands and checks had commas in them – they liked it – for Dad – but still no desire to join in.

Then along comes Zeek Rewards. It is a game changer. For the first time in my 12 year career in network marketing, 3 of my adult children are participating with me and the whole family is enjoying the ride.

This is the first company that has a design and compensation plan that can include people like my adult son and daughters – they do not have to recruit or talk on the phone to anyone. Let me explain…

You may or may not know I am on online marketing coach and get paid well to train others. You would know some of the names in the industry that I have been a part of their mentorship to success. When my good friends Ann Karlberg and Marsha Godwin told me about Zeek, even though I thought I had no time to work on something like this – three things caught my attention:

#1. The wisdom of this 12 year old successful company to launch an online network marketing division to continue to fuel its growth. (They pay us to place ads for them daily on the internet in one of the few strongly growing industries right now – online auctions. They rank extremely high on the internet – out performing companies like Sears, Starbucks, and most of the other Fortune 1000 companies. )

#2. As stated above, the fact that this design could include my adult kids, and the thousands of others I have talked to over the last 12 years that the traditional mlm model just wasn’t a fit.

#3. That anyone could participate with a very small time commitment – 5 minute a day can build to life changing income.

There is much more to this than the above three points, but those were the ones that got my attention. After testing the waters now for a few months, I’ve decided to work this more intentionally, but probably still only average 30 minutes a day.

Watch these videos – and if it catches your attention – I have two options for you…

10 Minutes: Zeek Business Presentation

So – here is one of two choices if you want to find out more:

#1. If you have 5 minutes a day and want to test this for 90 days like I did, it will cost you about $50 over the 90 days. If you just do what my kids do, it could mean a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month extra income for you in the next 2 – 5 years at 5 minutes a day. Click Here to research more or join.

#2. If this happens to hit you at a time where you are needing a new project, I’ve decided to train 4 people to work this with me. We will journey and master mind together and participate in things like pay-per-click campaigns, etc. My friend Ann Karlberg hit a 6 figure income in the first year with this – the potential is huge. I’m only taking on 4 and then the door is closed for this mastermind group for the rest of 2012. (My coaching rate is $250/hour – you will get my mentorship as part of this group complimentary.) If this describes you, then contact me at 815-918-4304. Your commitment would require you to join at the Diamond level – $99/month – and be willing to employ some of the marketing tools we will use as a small mastermind group to grow our Zeek business together. Looking to have all 4 spots filled by Memorial Day, but could be sooner. I will need to interview you to make sure it is a good fit for both us.

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