DailyMarketingCoach.netDailyMarketingCoach.net was launched in November 2012 by Marsha Godwin who is one of Certified Trainers with the Daily Marketing Coach.    Marsha created DailyMarketingCoach.net to introduce herself  to you and to introduce you to the learning opportunity you have by joining Marsha and the Daily Marketing Coach.

Today, there are a number of people struggling to learn how to build a business online.  They are facing a very steep learning curve and in many cases they have chased many shiny objects and spent a lot of money.  Marsha’s goal is to introduce as many of these people as possible to the Daily Marketing Coach and she is utilizing DailyMarketingCoach.net as the way to do so.

DailyMarketingCoach.net And Daily Marketing Coach

Daily Marketing Coach was launched by Ann Sieg and her 80/20 Marketing Team.   Read below to learn how Ann describes the Daily Marketing Coach:

Daily Marketing CoachThe ‘Daily Marketing Coach’ is a social community and training website that teaches small business owners, independent professionals (real estate agents, etc) and people in the home based business and network marketing industries how to build their business online. We provide coaching, video tutorials, forums, interactive exercises and local workshops through ‘Daily Marketing Coach’ to teach people how to create and market an internet business from start to finish.

(ps…the Daily Marketing Coach was known until recently as The Renegade Team)


If you would like to learn more about Daily Marketing Coach, Marsha would like to invite you to be her guest on a Thursday Night Webinar at 9:00 pm EST.

To Register for the webinar:  DailyMarketingCoach.net/Events

This is a 75 minute webinar that introduces you to Daily Marketing Coach and all the benefits you receive by being a part of the entrepreneur minded community.    As a team member you receive a step by step learning system, training webinars, weekly newsletters, Facebook Community Page and so much more.  Join us to learn about Daily Marketing Coach and you can then determine if it is right for you.   Be sure to stay for the entire webinar because there are often special gifts or bonuses.

However, if you are ready to get started now and become a part of the team and community:  Join Daily Marketing Coach


Marsha, DailyMarketingCoach.net and Daily Marketing Coach all want to see you succeed online.  If you would like to discuss becoming part of the learning community, you can contact Marsha.



Daily Marketing Coach


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