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Consultative Selling book

Consultative Selling has other close cousins, like permission marketing.  But Consultative Selling is the concept and strategy that has enabled me to personally recruit hundreds of network marketers into my companies over the past 12 years.

Unlike traditional sales, or most of the outdated and ineffective methods still taught in network marketing, Consultative Selling takes greater skills and a longer process to gain clients and customers, BUT is far more effective in the long run.

It should be criminal what some trainers do to new MLMers as they send them out to “recriut” without any real concept, strategies, or skills – other than to “talk to everyone.”  How? About what?

Consultative Selling

Join me in this series of short videos based on what I consider to be the bible of Consultative Selling, The NEW Conceptual Selling.

I’m old fashioned.  If you are going to make an executive income, you need the skills of an executive.  Consultative Selling is part of those skills you need.  You can order the book on Amazon very inexpensively.  It is an older book, the principles are foundational for this season of network marketing business building.  I’ll be taking these principles and presenting them and applying them to our industry in video in this Consultative Selling Series.

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If you prefer to read the transcript on this mlm tip – here it is.

Consultative Selling

Hey! Good morning. Welcome, everybody. This is Coach Curt’s Thursday morning edition of MLM Tip s on a Thursday morning. What we are going to do is to just discuss the skills, the techniques, the tips, the strategies of what it takes to be a successful network marketer, with the emphasis on marketer.

I’m old-fashioned. I believe that skills, the skills that you have, that you develop, and that you grow will have a huge if not the biggest impact on the money that you can make and the money that you generate in direct sales or network marketing industry such we’re going to focus on Thursday Mornings MLM Tip regardless of what company or companies you represent.

If you’re part of this team you must be on one of the companies that we represent or will be on one of the companies we represent. And really that’s the nice thing about developing your skills and understanding the modality of online network marketing is if something goes wrong or bad or different, you just take your list, you take your skills and you could start building something else.

Now I don’t like bad things to happen. You don’t wish them. You don’t want them. But when they do you’re not dependent on one single company. Very strong about that. What you are dependent upon is your own initiatives, your own skills, the people that you travel with and more forward with. I can go anywhere. I can join any company and be successful and I don’t mean that to be egotistical or prideful. I don’t feel about it that way.

That’s just my values system.

If you’re really good at something, you can go there and make progress and make money. And so obviously you want to look for things that line up with what it is that you like to do and your interests are and so on and so forth. But nonetheless your skills will ultimately determine a large measure of your success.

So what we’re going to do on Thursday mornings MLM Tip – this is kind of the initial, inaugural tip. It’s going to last anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. I think if you block half an hour that would be plenty of time. Depending upon the day we might have some interaction. We are still testing this webinar venue. It’s in progress but it seems to get better every time and so let’s just go ahead.

What this book – if you want to join me in study a book – whoops. That’s not the one I wanted. Here it is. If you want to join me in the study of this it’s this book, The New Conceptual Selling. You can get it for like a dollar on Amazon or whatever, plus shipping of course.

But that’s one of the textbooks that I’ve used to develop my skills. I went through a certification program many years ago in selling and conceptual selling is some of the basis of – although the book is written more for business to business selling, the principles, the thoughts I’ve learned a lot of just human psychology of being a professional sales person consultant rather than the stereotypical sales person.

And unfortunately the network marketing industry which is the general interest is why we’re here is still filled with junk that’s either outdated or stereotypical or hasn’t advanced into the paradigms that the internet has caused to change. Internet has changed everything. And so it’s important that we understand that and that we understand how people now process information.

A lot has changed, guys. I look at – I don’t know everybody on the call today – but I look at the list and most of us aren’t spring chickens anymore. We’ve been around. When we wanted to go to a movie in the 70s or 80s, you got the paper out, right? We don’t do that anymore. You’ve dug out the yellow pages and look under – it doesn’t happen anymore at all.

Internet-based, the way we process information, the way we research, the way we make buying decisions. Just everything has totally changed how we operate and all the more than a conceptual selling or consultative selling and the skills, the techniques, the tips that I’ve brought to myself through the learning that I’ve acquired has allowed me –. and again I say this so that you’re motivated to learn not so much that I’m wonderful because I don’t think I am.

It’s more “Here’s the skills. Anybody can learn them. The better you do them, the more success you’ll have.” And so I’ve been able to recruit literally hundreds of people through my network marketing career and build teams more than once, actually three different teams into the thousands. And so I’m going to be sharing with you on Thursday mornings these concepts, these strategies, tips and how I apply them along the ways. This is just for today to get started. It’s just a quick overview.

Consultative Selling

My mlm tip call to action today is simply just go buy the book. For a few bucks it’s certainly isn’t going to hurt and there’s some foundational concepts that we’re going to talk about. The win-win selling, superb communication, the natural thought process.

I really like the natural thought process training. It helped me enormously to know where people are at in the process. Again instead of push, push, push, how do you cooperate with human nature. Human nature can be ugly but it can be beautiful too. It’s just how do you cooperate with it when you are trying to help people.

I’ll also be covering customer support sales, how to handle objections, differentiation , credibility and posture, handling objections – I’m sorry sales objectives, sales closing and follow-up and follow through. Again some people will even think, “Oh closing. I hate to close.” I love to close. If you do everything else right, closing is a natural and easy as anything.

“Curt, Marcia can’t see you for some reason. The natural thought process lines up with how the human brain works.” Yeah exactly. Marcia, I don’t know – oh now you can see me. I don’t know. I didn’t change anything on my end, Marcia. Okay.

Again this is just a quick, quick overview what we’re going to be covering over the next several weeks and it might be months but if you learn these mlm tip, skills, the takeaway today is besides getting the book, learn these skills and then you’ll make more money.

Pretty simple.

We’re going to talk about why customers really buy, how your customers make buying decisions, what we are striving for win-win and life beyond the product pitch. Then we’ll get into why am I here. Again what are some of your mindsets, your thought processes of going into recruiting, prospecting, selling, why should the customer see me, do I have credibility. This one right here we’ll probably spend more time on than some of the others is because we’ll talk a lot about borrowed credibility and how to go about that.

To me it’s as natural as breathing but it’s not a concept that comes natural to a lot of people. And those insecurities and fears of how to present yourself well we’ll be sharing that. Then learning to listen, five question types, establishing superb communication. Again this is just a quick overview. Don’t take notes. It’s not necessary.

Then we’ll talk about the sales call, the importance of differentiation, how do I stand out in the marketplace, using the joint venture approach. We’ll talk about that. We’re going to talk about beyond the chumming exercise and don’t call them objections. Guys, just a quick overview. Pre-call planning and rehearsal, assessing the call, selling beyond the close.

That’s what we’re going to be sharing here on Thursday morning is these mlm tip s. And again we’ll be using this book. Go to Amazon and get it. And we’re going to be talking about the whole paradigms, the whole strategies of online attraction, conceptual consultative selling and how that methodology is not only people enjoy more. A lot of reasons, at least in the past, that people wouldn’t join when I asked them to join certain organizations is because they had in their mind what they would have to do. And that’s one of the tips that we’ll share along the way.
Whatever you do as you approach somebody with an opportunity, whatever you say, whatever actions you ask them to take subconsciously or consciously they are thinking, “I am going to have to do this, too if I’m going to join this person.” So if I bring someone to a hotel meeting, they know instinctively regardless of what you tell them that they’re going to have to bring people to that hotel meeting if they’re going to do this business. And so if you don’t want to send that message and if you don’t want to do that, then don’t do that regardless of what anybody, upline, company.

And so how you frame your modality, your modus operandi in terms of your whole selling from A to Z as you saw these topics from A to Z, it’s a funnel. It’s a process. How you structure all of that besides structuring it so that it –obviously it’s effective and effectiveness there’s no argument with that what I’ll teach you can be effective.

But that you feel good about both for your values and your skills, where you’re weak, how to lean in others’ strengths to make that stronger, believe with your strength. All these things we’ll be talking about and then as you do that then that you feel good about for you but also are cognizant of the fact this is the message I am sending to someone else that I am going to have to do this to also with network marketing.

Case in point, you want to be a team leader into the thousands. At some point, you will need to venture into what I’m doing right now or what Anna Karlburg and Marcia Godwin do. You’re going to have to at least help and assist in group trainings. That’s the message and I know that. I’m not bashful. I don’t believe a lot of the hype in the industry that all you have to do is get two and on and on, you don’t have to do this, don’t have to do that. Well, no!

You have to develop skills. If you want a big team, you’re going to have to help lead it. And you’re going to have to help train it. For some people that’s intimidating but it’s better that you know now than later. Honestly, that’s how I feel good about. That’s just an example that I try to practice what I preach. If you want a strong six-figures residual income, at some point you’re going to have to get into some leadership capacities and stretch and grow. And everybody does. That gets to that point.

That’s it for today. That’s the MLM Tip for today. Here it is. Get the book. Join me on Thursdays. I’ll share with you tips. Stay close to us, myself, Marcia Godwin and Karlburg. You probably already have. I hope you do. I hope that you aren’t dependent upon one thing or one company. That’s not a safe model. As we bring things to the mix, it might be as early as next week. Just stay tuned to Thursday mornings. We’ll share with you what you’re doing.

And as long as you’re part of something that we’re moving forward and engaging with, you’re welcome here on these Thursday calls and to bring your people on these Thursday calls and sharpen their network marketing professional skills. That’s why we’re here. For the recording sake, I’m going to say goodbye but I’m going to hang around a, for questions and b, let’s do some adjusting on this venue.

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