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It was on the power of residual income created from multiples streams of residual income that allowed us to travel and do some of our  dream work in the Pacific Rim.  We left Rockford, IL, USA in 2005 and lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for 18 months while I continued to work and were training with YWAM – a missionary sending organization.

From Hawaii we moved and lived in the Fiji Islands for a year training young people.  We lived in a small flat (apartment) amoung the middle class, which would be considered poverty level here in the USA.  The “resort” Fiji is very different from most of the rest of the country.  We arrived just after a military coup and were the only white people there for many weeks.

After our service there we moved to New Zealand for two years.  Based out of NZ with my wife and daughter, I flew into the Philippines several times on trips ranging from a few days to a few weeks.

I also lived in Hong Kong for 6 weeks helping in a project there.  Here are some of videos of my travels – click here.

Multiple Streams of Residual income works!  During all this time I was collecting checks and worked anywhere from 2 to 20 hours a week on my business.

We are back in the USA now for a season, but will head out to the nations again down the road.  If you would like to travel this journey with me building residual income for your dream work, let me know.



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