Paradigm Shift – YOU.S.P. Part 1

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“Hey this is Coach Curt Johnson I want to welcome all my fellow Renegades to this presentation of You S. P. A little play on words there and we’ll get to that momentarily. This is a three part training on how to sell you andwe’re going to start with the paradigm shift. The first couple minutes here is just to review.

A paradigm by the way is a ruling way of thinking. The dictionary puts it “A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of a viewing reality for the community that shares them.”
So paradigm is how people think in a community. I remember my first paradigm shift or culture shock when I entered the United States Air Force Academy. I had grown up in the Midwest far from military influence, went right into the academy which is hyper intensive military and it was just a different way of looking at the world to put it mildly, for values too.
For instance, creativity there is not a high value, learning is, but not creative learning. So again its a culture shock. Another time I experienced that is when our family moved from living in the midwest for 45 years to the Nation island of Fiji. And there it was culture, again different ways, different values. I am for instance of keeping a schedule and it was a much lower value there than in America.
A lot of us in our culture were raised in a marketing paradigm, we’re a marketing culture growing up and then maybe trained in it through old school network marketing methodoligies and now we’re entering into a new paradigm. It doesn’t happen over night. I didn’t fit into the Fiji Islands instantly or all the sudden make sense. But as you get involved in the community and in the culture it begins to come and begins to flow. It’s good to continue to understand that we are in a new culture of attraction marketing and as we move forward in that we will learn things.
One thing that is helpful is the foundation that we all have as renegades. One of the foundations and one of the reasons many of us are here is because we read the The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing by Ann Sieg.
One of the things she puts out there right up front is everyone is your prospect! Of course that’s a lie. We didn’t know that was a lie because for me when I was growing up in the 60s as a young boy there were three tv channels and one of them came in fuzzy and it was called broadcasting because to get to the market place, the way to do that in that day in age was just blast becasue you didn’t have that many venues to get your message out there.
It was called BROADcasting. Of course all of that has changed now, where there is NARROWcasting. There’s hundreds of tv channels, millions of websites, and hundreds of radio stations. You need to find that Niche market, that narrowcasting to speak into a group. Everybody is your prospect is very very outdated. Not just in our industry but in everyones industry.
“People who try to be everything to everybody wind up meaning nothing special to anyone.” That quote is in the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.
Another lie, lie # 5, we’re not going to go through all seven but just here real quickly the ones that I feel apply specifically to this training about selling you. Lie #5 is we have the best product ever! “The person who succeeds is not the one with the best company, but the one who can do the best job communicating the idea of their company.” Again it boils down to YOU being a good and effective communicator of what it is you value. The focus needs to be on you!
Lie # 7 is the proven system. Of course we all, I fell for that once that the system is going to do it all for you. Of course it’s just a lie. The question you need to ask yourself is, which Anne does, in the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing is “if no selling or anything else is required on your part, then why would they need you?” Of course they don’t and if the system was that great they would just perpetuate the system and not bother with people. It’s a come on, in worst case scenerios that’s what a scam can often do. Most of the time again its just unrenewed minds not coming into the new paradigm or culture of marketing that works in this day in age.
What we neeed to do as marketers is find a niche market or a target market and develop a Unique Selling Proposition a (U.S.P.) but not in a old way. The unique selling proposition that we have to offer isn’t just the companies or isn’t just the products, there’s a couple new for instance marketing companies that launched with some big celebrity names and business or Hollywood, that’s happened in the past and it’ s going to happen again, but marketers are selling the companies unique selling proposition in that regard but it’s not going to work for the masses because YOU are the unique selling proposition thats going to work to attract a niche market to your voice and what you have to say.
You grow and understand what your niche market is and that you have something to speak into that niche market and we’re going to be giving examples through this training series. Then what you’ll find is as your voice grows is and the niche market is attracted to you, then you will have a way to get your product, your opportunity, your company to market. It’s a lot like dating and what is attractive to one person might not be attractive to another person. For example I work with a guy, great guy Steve, he’s a displaced executive and what he would out there is as content on the internet looking to attract that niche market of other displaced executives is going to be entirely different than my other friend Wendy who goes after home school moms. Her message and her methodologies are going to be different because what’s attractive to a home school mom in terms of business is going to be entirely different than what’s attractive to a displaced executive.
It’s so important that as we develop our unique selling propositions centers around who we are, what we’re doing, because our business and the creation of our content and business operations, we keep that in mind. It’s me reaching the niche market. You are using the tools that are unveiled to us through training there and also the skills of the consultative selling, both online and off line and on the phone. I always believed and always said that if you want the income of an executive you have to have the skills of an executive. So we learn the skills, the tools of our trade while we’re building relationships, and those relationships are either a customer or clients or team mates or joint ventures, our upline or downline thats applicable and on and on. My message gets to my niche market and the better I get with my tools and skills, the more relationships I have, the greater it will be.
A question you can ask yourself is-
“What can you say to your niche market that no one else can say?”
It’s a good question to dwell upon because that can be at least a part or a component of you attracting people to your message. In other words, tell your story. Stories are so critical I may just end up doing a training session of telling stories.
I’ve been a public speaker for 40 years, no exaggeration, I started in grade school and time after time the messages I’ve tried to convey through the years, what people are not point 1,2 and 3 but what people always remember are stories. People want to hear our stories. What they are attracted to are the stories. It’s not just story telling, there needs to be purposes and plans and applications, but you have a story to tell that no one else can or will tell and that will find a market for you.
For example, I’m just going to give you one example here. In the United Air force Academy I learned how to parachute, in fact this chute is very similar to the one that we used. I remember going up on that airplane and I was scared! Part of the reason I was scared is because the jump instructor after we had two weeks of intensive training before we went up in the airplane, the United states if America jump team came and was going to do an inspirational jump for us before our first jump.
So these guys came down and in the squares, if you know what they are they’re fancy chutes, and the team leader landed right in front of us and broke his leg. That was right before we went up for our first time. It was interesting, so we go up and I was scared and jumped out of the airplane and landed and when I landed I separated my clavicle. Oh my goodness and I went to the instructor, they grade you on your jump, he said no your jump was fine, your land was fine, they look at you through high powered telescopes and give you a grade and all that and I thought oh my gosh if I did it right and still broke my clavicle, I didn’t tell anybody I broke my clavicle, because I wanted to get my four jumps in and I was a stupid 18 year old.
Anyway I was going to get this done even though I was in a great deal of pain. I started asking questions to those who had a lot of jumps in and what I found is what I didn’t do is that I didn’t pull down on the little straps, what you do is you pull down on the little straps right before you hit the ground you yank down on those straps, somehow I missed that little piece of information and it slows you down from roughly 25 mph to 12 mph before you hit the ground. It made all the difference in the world. I was still in a lot of pain my four jumps but I got the job done. The point being of me telling you this story is because one little bit of information can make all the difference in the world when you apply it, whether it’s to parachuting or to your business.
One little bit of information is going to make a significant difference, send you into profits, send you to the next level. So be looking for that. In that, as I landed I practiced more and one of the things I’m going to attract a market.
Lets say I even wanted to go to parachuting to a niche market, I don’t think the market is big enough I haven’t done the keyword research, but those that have parachuted we would have a lot of fun. In fact I heard Anne saying on a training seminar that Isaiah, I’ve met Isaiah up in Minneapolis and he’s just a great awesome young man, but I heard that he’s parachuting and I don’t know if I caught that right but let’s say that that’s true. He and I could sit down and talk for an hour and have a great time comparing notes and telling stories and all that kind of stuff that most people really wouldn’t understand at all or have a clue what we’re talking about. I could tell stories into that niche market and make a bridge to build a business. That niche market probably isn’t big enough to build a business but you get the point. You have a story to tell. I just told you a story and made a bit of a business application to help you but you have a story to tell that there is a market that’s out there that wants to hear what you have to say and bring prospects to you.
Your U.S.P. is about you. It’s about your story. It’s about attracting a niche market. It’s about attracting a target market and that’s why there’s so much emphasis within our training of what is that target market for me. That will determine the type, flavor, even the amount and how I go about selling. Our next training I’m going to give you seventeen practical tips on selling yourself and give you some examples.
Some of those will be better for certain target markets than other target markets and so that’s important that you determine who is my target market? This group of people could be a target market for instance, what’s something that is attracting their attention? So then you come up, what is going to attract their attention to me? What is my voice? What is my flavor? What is my contribution to a target market community that I can come in and well can land in and have a splash or make an influence or people are interested in who I am and what I have to offer and build those bridges to business partnerships. So I mentioned in the next lesson we’re going to give you seventeen practical tips, but it will be very important that if you haven’t done it already that you determine at least a couple ideas of what’s a good target market for me so that you have a better application on how to apply these tips I’m going to share into your marketing.
See you next lesson!”

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