Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin

Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha GodwinAnn Sieg interviews Marsha Godwin after the Renegade Team Blogging Challenge and the Renegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge (also known as The Holiday Hustle). and Marsha Godwin won #1 place in both of these Renegade Team Challenges.

The Blogging Challenge and Creating An Offer Challenge  were the first 2 challenges presented to The Renegade Team by Ann Sieg and 80/20 Marketing, Inc.   These Challenges were designed to assist us in building a solid online platform with a WordPress Blog and then teach us how to create an offer to encourage opt ins to build our email list.

The training exercises were in a format of a ‘Challenge’ which encouraged a healthy competition between team members and within ourselves.   Each ‘Challenge’ lasted about 30 days.  The Renegade Team staff and trainers developed training materials that walked us through the entire process one step at a time.

Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin

After the end of each ‘Challenge’ Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin and the other winners.  The interviews give Ann the opportunity to spotlight the winners and to learn from them what the ‘Challenge’ met to them and their business.  And, the recorded interviews can be shared with present and future Renegade Team members.

Renegade Team Blogging Challenge

The focus of this ‘Challenge’ was to get the Renegade Team members to move forward in creating content on their blog.  The minimum criteria was to create at least 16 blog posts during the 30 day ‘Challenge’.

Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin and learns how excited Marsha is with the expected and unexpected results she is receiving from the ‘Challenge’.  Marsha talks about how she is now setting her own Challenges above and beyond any Challenges offered to the team.

Click Here to listen to the interview:

Renegade Team Blogging Challenge Winner Marsha Godwin

This Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin recorded interview lasts about 21 minutes.  Ann and Marsha had a good time talking about the ‘Challenge’ and all the benefits Marsha and are enjoying from it.

Renegade Team Creating An OfferRenegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge

The purpose of this ‘Challenge’ was to assist the team members in learning how to Create An Offer along with a Squeeze Page that they could use on their blog in order to get opt ins and build their email list.

 Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin after the ‘Creating An Offer Challenge”.    Marsha created an eBook named Online With WordPress along with a Squeeze Page.  Ann previews, along with the eBook and the Squeeze page in the interview.

Click Here to watch the interview:

Renegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge Winner Marsha Godwin

Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin from Curtis Johnson on Vimeo.

This Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin recorded interview lasts about 10 minutes but it is packed full of information and insight into what a ‘Challenge’ can do for your business.

The Renegade TeamThe Renegade Team is an educational platform for teaching you how to market, advertise, promote and generate your own leads.  It does not compete with any other business you are working but instead shows you how to build that business more effectively.   It is a community of like minded entrepreneurs who want to learn how to take their business online and to the next level.

 Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin and Marsha acknowledges numerous times in the Ann Sieg Interviews Marsha Godwin recorded interviews how instrumental the ‘Challenges’ and The Renegade Team have been in her online success.    Marsha feels that both have truly has been the catalyst in moving her online business forward in so many ways!  To Learn More About The Renegade Team and the upcoming Challenges:    Click Here!


Marsha Godwin


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