Ann Sieg at No Excuses in Las Vegas – April 2012

Ann Sieg at No Excuses

Ann Sieg put her mastery of professional online attraction marketing on the stage of the Recent No Excuses Convention in Las Vegas.

Getting the message out to hundreds of marketers of what really works in the online world set her information apart from the rest.

We on the Renegade Team are blessed to have great leadership.  Many of us Renegades in Las Vegas heard many times:  “Ann Sieg tells the truth.”  or  “Ann Sieg tells it like it really is.”

It was a privilege to assist and help in the training in the breakout rooms.  Ann Sieg gave the inside scoop on why event driven marketing is so powerful, and some keys in how to do it.

One of those keys she covered was having a presentation partner when doing webinar events.  Ann Sieg‘s partner in those presentations is yours truly, MLM Coach Curt.

She explained very logically also why automated systems alone will fall far short of those systems and funnels that also include LIVE webinar presentations.  One of the many reasons is that by doing live webinars is the only way to keep up with the fast pace of change in our industry and internet marketing.  Ann Sieg does that like no other trainer out there.

Ann Sieg

If you would like some of the foundational training MLM Coach Curt provided to Ann Sieg early on, grab Coach Curt\’s free ebook.

MLM Coach Curt


Curt Johnson
Director of Coaching – The Renegade Team


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