Ann Sieg at No Excuses 3

Ann Sieg at No Excuses in Las VegasAnn Sieg brought a meaty message to the most serious professionals at NE3 in Las Vegas this weekend. As Ann Sieg spoke from the stage to almost 1000 of the most dedicated home business online marketers in the industry, you could feel the sustenance in the air.

There is no doubt in my mind that those who were unfamiliar with Ann Sieg before NE3 will not forget her now. From my perspective as being there in support as Ann Sieg’s Director of Coaching the crowd was not ready for the challenge she put before them. Keep Learning. Build your Skills. Learn from the best what is working now.

What didn’t surprise me human nature being what it is was the number of people even in a more mature marketing crowd like this that were not learning skills and still looking for the magic bullet to send their business forward. Ann Sieg has taught for years that the magic bullet is YOU. She shares what the most successful have done and are doing, and all of them bring a unique value to the market place – NOT just represent a single company.

Thanks Ann Sieg for your leadership and telling it like it is.

MLM Coach Curt


Curt Johnson
Director of Coaching – The Renegade Team


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