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“People may not do what’s expected, but they will do what is inspected.”- Author unknown

When I got out of the United States Air Force, I went to work in my Uncle’s company. After a season I was managing most of the 10 or so employees. One of the things my uncle told me at that time stuck with me. It is the quote above. (I guess I’ll give my uncle credit since the author is unknown!)
In mentoring and leading others, it is good to have the viewpoint of seeing everyone as diamonds in the rough – with incredible value and potential.
The other side of that same coin though is another reality of what typical human nature is like. Human beings are prone to stubbornness – and do not always embrace what is best for themselves.
Accountability is essential for the obtaining of visions and goals. We must apply its principles and practices not just to others, but first and foremost to ourselves!
We must earnestly resist the thoughts and temptations that somehow we are different or better than others, thus deceiving ourselves that we do not need accountability.
A mantra of the teams that I build in my network marketing companies:
“This is netWORKing.
It is not netWANTing.
It is not netWISHing.
It is not netWHINing.
It is not netWAITing.

MLM Help – netWORKing

Although I do not think WORK has to be a negative word, because I, like many, enjoy my work. The word “WORK” can feel like the word “medicine” to many.
Work rightly implies effort, submission, and many other things – including

MLM Help – Fire Your Boss!

Sometimes I get a little nervous when people have a goal of “firing their boss!” When they get giddy and say it with twinkle in their eyes, I wonder if they realize that they will still have a boss as an entrepreneur!Themselves!
When they become their own boss – and the reality is they may not be as good a boss as their last one!!!
Another reality is although entrepreneurship brings with it true freedom, you also have boss-like people and associations in your business that still bring accountability.
There are deadlines to meet.
There are contracts to fulfill.
There are guarantees to be assured.
There are sales goals or quotas to be met.

Many of the people you will interface with by being your own boss, also will carry some resemblance of a boss. You will be reporting to and be accountable to others. If you are not, you will fail!
By entering the realm of business ownership versus the “job” – you may be trading one boss for several bosses!
Your customers.
Your team mates.
Your joint venture partners.
All these people you will need to be accountable to! So if you tend to reject accountability and think running your own business is the answer to avoid it
– think again.

MLM Help – Measurable Activity and Goals

It is imperative that you put into place the structures for self-imposed accountability. There are many tools that can help you do this such as personal calendars, tracking sheets, etc. Find the tools that work well for you and then implement a strategy of time and task management that you can hold yourself accountable to.
After that, boil your work down to measurable activities or goals that you can summarize easily in some form of a report – but even more importantly, be able to share the report with a team mate, associate, or personal coach.
Every business is different, so it would take many volumes of books to cover the details on how to do this with your business and the tools you use – but take this principle and implement as if your life depended on it.
The life of your business does.

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